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History of Firm

Bertram, Cox & Miller, LLP was formed in 2007 when two of the well-established law firms in Campbellsville, Kentucky merged.

George O. Bertram started practicing in June, 1939. Fred Faulkner, Sr. started practice in 1916. George O. Bertram and Fred Faulkner, Sr. formed a partnership in 1943, and began practicing in Campbellsville as Faulkner & Bertram. Faulkner & Bertram became Faulkner, Bertram & Cox in 1974 and upon the retirement of Fred Faulkner, Jr., Faulkner, Bertram & Cox became Bertram & Cox. Over the years, Fred Faulkner, Sr. and Fred Faulkner, Jr., George Bertram, G. Barry Bertram, Phil Allan Bertram, John D. Bertram, Allan Ray Bertram and Craig Cox have been associated with Bertram & Cox or one of its predecessor firms.

Miller, Miller & Miller, PLC traces its roots back to 1961 when James C. Miller began practicing in Campbellsville. In 1995, John C. Miller and Shelly S. Miller, joined James C. Miller and formed Miller, Miller & Miller, PLC.

Both firms, Bertram & Cox and Miller, Miller & Miller, PLC, have a long history of providing excellent legal services to clients throughout Central Kentucky.

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